destroying a hard disk contents

Andrew Beattie gaffer at
Fri Jun 15 06:46:44 BST 2007

> The is an iso you can download of a system call "DBAN" (Darik's Burn and
> Nuke)

One of the things that my employer specialises is is datacentre recycling,
so we wipe a lot of disks...

The cheapest service uses DBAN.

For folk that are more fussy, they use a licenced product which wipes the
disk  in a way that conforms to various standards.  We pay a fee per drive
for each  wipe and the customer gets an official certificate for each
drive cleared.

The truly paranoid have the drives granulated.  People who are that scared
of their data being read usualy have the drives destroyed on-site.

BTW, last time I looked we had hundreds and hundreds of HP EVA (fibre
channel) disks and we have just rented out the wearhouse where they are
stored, so if anyone could use a barrow-full, I'm sure there is bargain to
be had - drop me a line.


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