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David Dorward david at dorward.me.uk
Wed Jun 20 13:58:22 BST 2007

On 20 Jun 2007, at 13:34, David Cantrell wrote:

> On Wed, Jun 20, 2007 at 12:36:08AM +0100, Aaron Crane wrote:
>> David Cantrell writes:
>>> Lots of URLs on my web site contain the ASCII string "&image" ...
>> HTML has a named entity "ℑ" which corresponds to the  
>> character U+2111
>> BLACK-LETTER CAPITAL I.  And, lo, that's the funny-looking  
>> character that
>> appears in the broken places.
> &image=... != ℑ

No, but &image= == ℑ= since the semi-colon is optional if  
followed by a non-name character in SGML (and thus HTML and also  
XHTML being served as text/html)

David Dorward

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