A difficult filesystem

Nick Cleaton nick at cleaton.net
Wed Jun 20 14:12:41 BST 2007

On Wed, Jun 20, 2007 at 01:30:05PM +0100, Andy Armstrong wrote:
> I have an rsync based backup regime that results in a filesystem  
> containing lots of inodes many of which have as many as fifty hard  
> links pointing to them. I'm not sure how many files there are in  
> total - the little script I have analysing it has been running all  
> night and is up to 26,000,000 plus. debugfs tells me there are a  
> shade over 6,000,000 inodes.
> I want to migrate the whole (ext3) filesystem onto another, larger  
> device.

Hmm, you could copy the source to the dest link by link.

Every time you copy a file, create an extra hard link to it on the
dest fs, under a name derived from its inode number on the source fs.

Every time you go to copy a file, first check by inode number if you
already have a link to it on the dest, and if so make an extra link on
the dest instead of copying.

Blat the tree of extra hardlinks on the dest when done.


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