Management Training

Smylers Smylers at
Wed Jun 20 14:38:57 BST 2007

On May 3rd Chris Jack wrotes:

> [Smylers wrote:]
> > So they've said I can go on some kind of managery training course.

Thanks to everybody who replie, and apologies for the gap in the thread
-- maybe if I'd been on a management course I wouldn't've taken over 6
weeks to getting round to looking at this again.

> > Has anybody got any recommendations of a course that's worthwhile?
> > Or anti-recommendations of a course that's a waste of time?
> Depends how hard-core you want to take this whole thing and whether
> you want to have a seriously managerially upwards focussed career.

Right now my only desire is to be less-bad at the managementy aspects of
my current job; I have no management ambitions beyond this (yet?).

> I hold Learning Tree courses in reasonably high regard for technical
> training

They offer this 'Management Skills' course::

Anybody here got any experience of it?


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