[JOB] Contract, good pay rate, West End London

alex@owal.co.uk alex at owal.co.uk
Wed Jun 27 09:17:53 BST 2007

> [ I tried sending this to jobs at london.pm.org and it seems to have
>    disappeared (never showed up in the web archive). ]
> I'm shortly upping sticks and moving to Switzerland, which means that my
> current employer needs to find someone to fill my shoes.
> Perl is used as the glue here between two key technologies.
> There's Autosys, which you might consider to be cron on steroids.


> Interested?  If so, get your CVs to Yvonne.Heslop at brevanhoward.com (and
> definitely not to my address please).
> N

I'm happy to discuss this with anyone off list as it looks like Nik got my
old job from a couple of years ago :-)

In general I heartily recommend them.


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