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Mon Jul 2 17:21:37 BST 2007

Andy Armstrong wrote:
> Trusty PowerBook doesn't want to play any more. It attempts to power up
> (spins disk, resets DVD drive) and then gives up after about 15 seconds.

If it's 15 seconds, you *could* try holding down Command-V to see if any
of the verbose boot messages (a) appear, and (b) give any clue as to
what's up. If you get something appearing, then trying a 'target mode'
boot off another mac / external HD is worth a shot.

Of course if you've *tried* all that, do tell me to shut up...  ;-)

> So I think it need professional help. Can anyone recommend a PowerBook
> quack?

Last (and only, thankfully) time I over-caffeinated my laptop, I just
took it to my local Apple Centre - they had to ship it off to Apple
Ireland anyway, apparently, and extended my two-weeks-out-of-date
warranty to cover it, which I'm still fairly gobsmacked at.

Apple Centre New Oxford St W1++ for that one.

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