Where is my mind?

Adrian Howard adrianh at quietstars.com
Mon Jul 2 18:04:01 BST 2007

On 2 Jul 2007, at 14:52, Andy Armstrong wrote:

> Trusty PowerBook doesn't want to play any more. It attempts to  
> power up (spins disk, resets DVD drive) and then gives up after  
> about 15 seconds.
> I've tried the usual things (PMU / PRAM reset, battery out for a  
> while, lid off and poked at it).
> So I think it need professional help. Can anyone recommend a  
> PowerBook quack?

Have you restarting with kernel extensions off (hold shift down) or  
in single user (hold command-S down)?

Apologies if I'm in teaching-grannie-to-suck-eggs mode :-)


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