Where is my mind?

Andy Armstrong andy at hexten.net
Mon Jul 2 20:59:10 BST 2007

Pedro Figueiredo wrote:
> micromend, here: http://xrl.us/2ny2
> the guy is very cool, he phoned me telling me he would charge me £200
> (labour, freaking 12" powerbooks are a bitch to disassemble) for
> replacing a £5 part (power connector) and i popped by and had the disk
> transmogrified to an external enclosure for £40.

Lovely ta. I'm going to see if I can get a replacement logic board - so 
I'll mail him and see what he can do. Fortunately 15" PBs are a breeze 
to disassemble.

I assume the 12" PB must be a bit like a 12" iBook - which is definitely 
a bitch to disassemble. I still have a few spare screws from my mate's 
here :)

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