Is it just me?

chromatic chromatic at
Thu Jul 5 20:16:50 BST 2007

On Thursday 05 July 2007 11:44:24 Andy Armstrong wrote:

> chromatic wrote:

> > On Thursday 05 July 2007 02:05:13 Jacqui caren wrote:

> >> This should have been in the requirements!

> > Has that ever worked for you?  It's never worked for me!

> Nope, same here. Not one single time. That's across everything from
> hardware projects, embedded stuff, web stuff, desktop apps.

I haven't met many people for whom expecting complete (or even 
nearly-complete) requirements at the start of the project actually worked.  
(I can't think of any.)

I've met a lot of people who *think* it works, despite it never having worked 
for them.  I wonder why that is.

-- c

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