The HSMP Rant (and a little question)

Andy Armstrong andy at
Fri Jul 6 12:04:33 BST 2007

Ovid wrote:
> No one can ever qualify for this program without at least a Bachelor's degree.  Thus, my dilemma:  I need a Bachelor's degree.  Can anyone recommend an accredited UK university that will let me complete my Bachelor's from home in a reasonable amount of time?  I've an Associate's degree from the US (that's a two year degree) and a bit of life experience tucked away (some Unis award credit for that).

I presume you'll be able to claim a shitload of Accredited Prior
Learning to fast track lots of degrees.

Does it have to be a computing degree or are you interested in something
else? :)

I'll ask Therese when she gets home. She used to work for DfEE or
whatever the education dept. is called these days - and is now back
lecturing at a uni (didn't much like working for HM Gov). She's bound to
know the score.

Andy Armstrong, Hexten

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