Exception Handling (when to use it)

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Fri Jul 13 10:40:53 BST 2007

Ovid wrote:
> Hmm, it would be nice if someone would start benchmarking various
> Perl exception handling mechanisms to make it easier to understand
> "best practices".

The Exception::Base author appears to have done so (but no mention of
what, exactly, the benchmarks were, so take with the appropriate pinch
of salt)

> The Exception::Base module was benchmarked with other implementation. The results are following:
> pure eval/die with string: 504122/s
> pure eval/die with object: 165414/s
> Exception::Base module with default options: 6338/s
> Exception::Base module with verbosity = 1: 16746/s
> Error module: 17934/s
> Exception::Class module: 1569/s
> Exception::Class::TryCatch module: 1520/s
> Class::Throwable module: 7587/s

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