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the hatter at
Thu Jul 26 19:45:19 BST 2007

On Thu, 26 Jul 2007, Simon Wilcox wrote:

> Can anyone recommend an off the shelf system, open source preferably but
> I'll pay for it if necessary, that will handle domain registrations,
> renewals, billing & DNS management ?
> It seems to be the kind of thing that every company ends up building for
> themselves.

Depends how much you're talking about "doing themselves" - if you feel
like writing a domain registration system and your own tags, it'll cost
you a sum upfront just to be able to register.  If you don't do that, then
you can mostly use any of the cheap registration companies that take your
fancy, and webscrap them or hook into an API to do some/most of the job.
Doubly so when some of them want to make it easy for you to resell and
manage domains without having to do much work yourself.

> BTW - if that's your idea of an _interesting_ job and you're
> looking, feel free to contact me off list.

Uh, one or two ourshack members thought it was, they're implicated in (as am I).  You may even find that this gives you some
influence in getting things added to it if you feel it's not quite right.

the hatter

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