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Fri Jul 27 08:46:07 BST 2007

On 26/07/07, Peter Corlett <abuse at cabal.org.uk> wrote:
> On Thu, Jul 26, 2007 at 04:22:29PM +0200, Richard Foley wrote:
> > On Thursday 26 July 2007 15:28, Peter Corlett wrote:
> >> With the dearth of any interesting Perl jobs out there
> > I thought there was a whole host of agents looking for good perl people,
> > in the UK, not long ago, and on the london list, too. What happened to
> > them?
> Just because they were looking for people doesn't mean that they actually
> have any interesting Perl jobs in London.

Actually my current contract and my previous job were both pretty
interesting (IMHO)

 - one was building a secure distributed client/server
smart-network-and-office-hub for a company in bristol, which included
a client on an embedded linux in a dinky little box - not that I was
there long enough to play with the fun hardware much (due to family
stuff unrelated to the job).

- one of my current clients is also pretty interesting (again IMHO)
munging data feeds and reports for airlines, lots of domain knowledge
and interesting user-cases.

Naturally - neither is in London - the first was in Bristol (and paid
nicely), the current is in Exeter (but telework at a pretty low
contract rate).

I suppose the BBC contracts could be pretty interesting if you're into
massive scaling new media stuff.


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