Foreign keys / Transactions in MySQL.. WTF?

Andy Wardley abw at
Wed Aug 1 07:30:15 BST 2007

Dave Hodgkinson wrote:
>> How did MySQL get so popular when it still seems to be missing key
>> features? Ah, I shouldn't ask that, it's just gonna be trolling :)
> See also PHP.

See also Perl.

As far as I'm concerned, MySQL still totally rocks[*].  It's a suitably good 
database, even if it's not a particularly good *relational* database.  I've 
built numerous systems using it, and I haven't had to pay a penny for the 
privilege.  So I reckon I've done pretty well out of MySQL (and PostgreSQL 
too, which undoubtedly scores better at the 'relational' bit, if less on the 
ease-of-use front).

I like PHP for the same reasons, even though I totally hate it as a language. 
    It's running a couple of bulletin boards for me that I didn't have to 
write myself.  Sure, it's probably also opened up a bunch of security holes 
large enough to fly light aircraft through, but at least didn't have to write 
those holes (or pilot the aircraft) myself :-)

As the saying goes: Don't look a gift camel in the mouth and then complain 
about it having bad breath.


[*] Hmm... maybe that's a bit strong: stones, pebbles, or small rocks no 
larger than a clenched fist.

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