Version Control Systems ( was Re: [ANNOUNCE] [REMINDER] Social this Thursday - PLUS! free beer)

Jonathan Stowe jns at
Wed Aug 1 09:29:24 BST 2007

[right lets try that again and this time keep a grip on the email

On Wed, 2007-08-01 at 08:51 +0100, Martin A. Brooks wrote:
> Jonathan Stowe wrote:
> > The Subversion users, could they go
> > to the right corner, and everyone else just stay in the middle of the
> > room, except for the RCS advocates who should go outside and wait for
> > the special bus ...
> >   
> Is there transport laid on for the VSS fans?

There are VSS "Fans"? Weird! I thought the only reason people used VSS
was that they got it "free" with their MSDN subscription or because they
have a manager who labours under the delusion that there is some kernel
of truth in the sentence "If it's good enough for Microsoft it's good
enough for us".

If there are real VSS "Fans" then I would suggest they are irremedial -
we've arranged some vouchers from the PDSA which they can redeem at
their own convenience to have themselves put out of their misery.

Winners don't do de-tox

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