Perl is dead, long live Perl.

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I have been programming for more years than I can mention and every few
years a new language comes along that absolutely everyone has to get into
because the old languages are dead. 

The fact is that since PL/1, which was the first 3GL to combine the
requirements of commercial and scientific users, the world has only needed
at most one more language. Sadly not one that has been created: PL/2 the
object-oriented version of PL/1. 

I use Perl from day to day because it is there. It is no better or worse
overall than all the others. I can deliver solutions with it, and frankly
that is all I care about.


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Hey Perl fan(boy|girl)s!

In case you haven't seen it:

I found it linked from Reddit.  Here's the comments page on the off-chance
feel like voting it up (or down) or leaving an insightful comment.


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