Pubs on streetmap/multimap

Kake L Pugh kake at
Mon Aug 6 00:22:40 BST 2007

Hello.  I feel sure someone here will know the answer to this, or at least
be better than me at finding the answer on the interweb.

Pubs, along with other features of interest (libraries, Tube stops, schools,
sports grounds, etc), are occasionally marked on - and also
on, which seems to use very similar tiles.  (Note I'm not
talking about overlays but about the basic map tiles themselves.)

What I'm wondering is, what are the selection criteria for the pubs that are
marked on the map?  See for example this:

Just to the southeast of that arrow is the Beehive pub, and it's marked on
the map as "The Beehive PH".  Yet just opposite it is the Joiners Arms,
which by all accounts is a far superior pub, and is no less visually
prominent than the Beehive.  So why is one marked rather than the other?

Similarly, not a single pub is marked on the following set of tiles:
though there are plenty in the area.

Can anyone shed some light on this?


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