Advanced Perl Course

Simon Wistow simon at
Mon Aug 6 15:50:56 BST 2007


> I am looking for an advanced perl course, preferably classroom based and 
> close to London. I found one on your website 
> which sounds quite good 
> but tried calling and couldn't get through. Could anyone recommend one 
> please?

I'm not quie sure what gave you the idea that the IT Trainers course is 
somehow related to - I'm guessing maybe in a mailing list 
archive somewhere although I can't find a reference at the moment.

On the other hand there may be some people on this list who might be 
able to recommend something. What sort of thing were you looking at? For 
example is it just you or is it for a company? Is what you're looking 
for roughly what was on the syllabus for the course you linked to or are 
there any specific topics you want to learn?

List type people: Does anyone have an experience with the IT Trainers 
people? Are Learning Tree still around?


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