does CPAN still work?

David Cantrell david at
Mon Aug 6 13:44:23 BST 2007

On Sun, Aug 05, 2007 at 10:20:50PM +0100, Michael Stillwell wrote:

> Does installing modules via CPAN still work for anyone else?
> perl Makefile.PL LIB=$HOME/local/lib/CPAN INSTALLMAN1DIR=$HOME/local/ 
> man/man1 INSTALLMAN3DIR=$HOME/local/man/man3 INSTALLSCRIPT=$HOME/ 
> local/lib/CPAN/bin INSTALLDIRS=perl
> which maybe isn't quite so tested.  But then again, this used to work  
> fine.

Quite a few modules' tests make bogus assumptions about things like
where your perl is. eg, they'll have a test file which exec()s another
file that starts "#!/usr/bin/perl".  Or they'll assume that one of their
pre-requisites installed a script (yes, it did) into the $PATH (no, it

The first I know about this is when the author moans at me that my
testing machine is broken, but I expect most authors can't be bothered
to let me know, and so I can't correct them.

But to answer your question - yes, it still works just fine, on every
platform I use it, which includes OS X.  Well, it mostly includes OS X.
Some XS stuff stubbornly refuses to build.

Are your OS and developer tools up to date?

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