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Tue Aug 7 20:11:43 BST 2007

Dave Hodgkinson wrote:
> Emacs.

I find myself at odds with Emacs these days. I still have fierce loyalty to it, 
not to mention over 20 years' worth of snippets of elisp. But the X layer has 
not kept up. Lately, I've been writing code with Russian phrases (simple 
flashcard programs, mainly, to practice the language). Perl handles them like a 
charm (though some creative encoding was needed to keep the CGI protocol from 
being overzealous in encoding), but getting fonts to work with non-Latin 
character sets *cleanly* was driving me crazy.

I still use XEmacs a lot, but I also use Eclipse and jEdit 
( I *really* wish there was a Perl equivalent of jEdit, 
as I think it's probably the best "new" editor since the vim guys decided to 
shake off most of vi's legacy issues. Alas, I have nowhere near the sort of 
bandwidth to even organize such a project, let alone contribute to it...

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