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John Costello cos at
Thu Aug 9 15:50:03 BST 2007

On Thu, 9 Aug 2007, Greg McCarroll wrote:
> ObDoctorWhoReference: I was sitting in a cab near Trafalgar Square recently
> and looked at some theatre advertising (i think it was on whitehall) and saw
> an actor, who I was sure had played the Doctor recently. The problem was
> I could cycle through the two recent doctors really quickly and with confidence.
> So I started wondering about Christmas specials, comic relief that sort of thing.
> It was only when in work I realised that John Simm had of course played a
> time lord just not the one I was thinking of.

Damn.  Well, that and IMDB confirm what I suspected about season 3, which
is just now playing in the States.  It's good to see that he is 
continuing with Life on Mars, though we won't see that for another 6 months.

I expect that Simm made a very good Time Lord.

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