does CPAN still work?

Andy Armstrong andy at
Thu Aug 9 16:30:25 BST 2007

On 9 Aug 2007, at 15:49, John Costello wrote:
>> Does installing modules via CPAN still work for anyone else?  Over
>> the past few years more and more modules have been failing tests;
>> just about everything needs to be installed via "force" now.  (e.g.
>> an install of Bundle::CPAN.)
>> I'm on OS X, but I'd have thought this would be fairly well
>> supported.  I also install into a home directory with the  
>> equivalent of:
> Not specific to OS X, but yes, it does.  Cygwin often is a hassle,  
> even
> after updating the CPAN module itself, but I don't bother much with  
> that
> these days.  On Ubuntu, I've run into one failure, but that was  
> solved by
> reading the module's readme (DBI).

Cygwin has problems replacing any files that CPAN has loaded - 'cos  
Windows doesn't like that kind of thing.

Coincidentally I've just installed 5.8.8 via MacPorts on this comp.  
Actually it was a prerequisite for gnucash and I just went with the  

Here's the full list of modules I ended up with:

(some of those are core - that's just the output from cpan autobundle)

In all of those I hit three problems:

Mac::Carbon had a test failure - something to do with checking the  
file type of the finder. I decided it wasn't a problem and installed  
it anyway.

DBD::MySQL needed to be supplied with a username and password to  
access the database for testing

One of the Apache2 modules failed a test that checks the values of  
various Apache constants. I've seen that before with Apache 2.2 -  
should probably file a report.

All of those installed into a non-standard location /opt/local/...  
cleanly. I was pleasantly surprised.

Andy Armstrong,

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