Job: Fancy working in Amsterdam?

Ziya Suzen ziya at
Thu Aug 9 16:55:25 BST 2007

Hi there

My former employer is looking for a Perl hacker:

I worked there for nearly 6 years and it was really great! RIPE NCC is
a very good employer and people are very friendly. Being so close to
hard core Internet 'stuff' is very exciting as well. RIPE NCC runs the
European IP whois server ( and the k root server - - check the web site for more details.

When I started at the RIPE NCC they were very very helpful with
relocation. Not only they paid all my expenses, but helped me with the
paperwork and so on, which was brilliant. I think they are still
willing to relocate people and (I think) its RIPE NCC policy as well
(like hiring people from their region)

Did I mention that they are in Amsterdam :-D

Let me know if you want to know more, or even better just contact them :)

Good luck


PS. I am not sure if this is on Even if it's on there
you got to hear my side of the story as well ;)

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