Job: Fancy working in Amsterdam?

Nicholas Clark nick at
Thu Aug 9 19:18:32 BST 2007

On Thu, Aug 09, 2007 at 04:55:25PM +0100, Ziya Suzen wrote:

> My former employer is looking for a Perl hacker:

> PS. I am not sure if this is on Even if it's on there
> you got to hear my side of the story as well ;)

Well, your story appears to involve the word "former", so I assume concludes
with a reason why you reluctantly had to leave. So could we hear it?

(yes, a somewhat strange way of phrasing it. But you are one of the few
people promoting ex-employers. Most people I know have left (other) employers
for objective, valid reasons, which were usually things that would put
potential new employees off. Where the reasons were not that the company was
in a tunnel (all jobs suck, therefore all companies are in one), but that
there was still no light at the end tunnel, and no prospect of it)

Nicholas Clark

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