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IvorW combobulus at xemaps.com
Sat Aug 11 17:11:04 BST 2007

Nicholas Clark wrote:
> I was wandering around Bromley trying to locate Cromwell's Madhouse* when I
> noticed that in the north end of the high street there are two Fuller's pubs.
> On the corner opposite Primark (was Allders (was Meadhurst)) there is The
> Partridge, which is an "Ale and Pie pub", converted from a bank, with nice
> wooden interior. (I've been in it once, a few years ago)
> With only a Walkabout Bar and a shop in between, there is the Tom Foolery,
> which has a frontage that opens, and classy looking leather sofas. (And I
> expect classy prices to go with all this)
> Dear experts, are these the two closest pubs owned by Fullers in the
> london.pm catchment area? Or in fact, the closest two pubs owned by any one
> brewery?
Fullers have two pubs next to the brewery, called "The Fox And Hounds"
and "The Mawson Arms".

There is actually a connecting corridor inside between the two.

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