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Jefferson Kirkland numberwhun at
Tue Aug 21 15:19:18 BST 2007

To me, there is nothing more annoying that someone who always refers to
themselves in the third person.  Usually it is because they just learned how
to do it or they think that it makes them sound cool.  Mostly, its like
running your fingers along a chalkboard if you ask me.  Why talk about
yourself like your not there or not the one typing the message?  Sheesh!

Also, he is definitely NOT the only person in India working with Perl.
There are quite the number of posters on a forum that I participate in, that
are from India.



On 8/17/07, Gareth Kirwan <gbjk at> wrote:
> >The subject (me) has a graduation in Computer Engineering. He is from
> >Bangladesh.
> >He is possibly the only guy in that country who works with
> >Perl. He has been
> >telecommuting to
> >different companies in USA/Canada for last few years as Perl
> >programmer. He
> >is also quite good in
> >Java, C, PHP and MySQL, but loves Perl more.
> He is deluding himself, judging by the dozens of Perl wielding applicants
> from Bangladesh whose CVs I'm currently drowning under.
> He should also refer to himself in the first person more.
> Adding that to "question talking" can produce some of the most irritating
> soliloquies:
> "Does Todd want to go to the park? Of course Todd does, Todd loves the
> park!"
> ( add in referring to yourself as a common noun and you've got ... well,
> The
> Todd )
> Anyway, to the point, Why do you want to do so?
> I wouldn't imagine you could get a master's degree that is so specialized
> in
> not only a field, but also a language.
> Having said that, there was the degree in Northerness recently...
> gbjk

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