What do perl lovers like about python?

Peter Hickman peter.hickman at semantico.com
Wed Aug 22 15:10:19 BST 2007

It's another language, if nothing, learning another language is a good 
thing for keeping a programmers mind fresh - of course this applies any 

The games development libraries seem to be much more mature in Python 
than in Perl.

The wxwindows library looks better than most GUI kits (IMHO), comes as 
default on OS X and is pretty portable - certainly better than Perl/Tk.

There are plenty of everyday applications written in Python that you 
might want to debug or extend.

I found that the networking libraries were somewhat easier to use.

However I also use Ruby and find that Python now falls into the middle 
ground between Ruby and Perl and so has lost some of it's appeal.

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