Andy Armstrong andy at hexten.net
Wed Aug 22 23:15:03 BST 2007

On 22 Aug 2007, at 15:07, Peter Corlett wrote:
>> Also it takes no more than an hour or two for a Perl programmer
>> to become highly productive in Python.
> Umm, bollocks. It'll take longer than that to overcome the culture  
> shock.
> You and your editor have to get over the significant whitespace,

Yes, significant whitespace really is a bad idea. I think the idea  
that the whitespace belongs to the programmer is too deeply ingrained.

> Python documentation is particularly weak, I find. In many cases  
> it's just a list of methods without actually bothering to tell you  
> what class or namespace these are for, or what class is returned!  
> Given that Python's type checking is effectively non-existent, this  
> is even more important than in a strongly-typed language where this  
> can often be inferred from the method signature and/or the compiler  
> will tell you it's wrong.

Got books?

Andy Armstrong, hexten.net

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