Lisp (was Re: turncoat

John Costello cos at
Wed Aug 22 23:42:24 BST 2007

On Wed, 22 Aug 2007, Andy Armstrong wrote:
> I'd still like to spend some real quality time with Lisp. Frankly I'm  
> scared of falling so deeply in love with it that it cripples me for  
> anything else though.

Mark-Jason Dominus talked about Lisp a bit during, I think, a discussion
on higher-order Perl.  You might check out his book "Higher-Order Perl",
<>, (the full-text search option reveals a bit
about what he said, if you search for Lisp).  He went on a bit about how
Perl is closer to Lisp than C, in his estimation, and he mentioned a Lisp
book that you might fancy.  I don't have the title handy.  Pipe up, and
I'll see if I can find the title when I'm at home.

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