Python and Emacs was Re: turncoat

Andy Armstrong andy at
Wed Aug 22 23:47:40 BST 2007

On 22 Aug 2007, at 18:45, Steve Mynott wrote:
> The only language I would dislike is PHP4.  Although, PHP5 with
> the right classes is probably OK. And even C# is pretty cool.

I strongly dislike COBOL :)

There's much to hate in PHP but I think the unusual deep copy  
behaviour (i.e. assignments are deep copies) coupled with a certain  
vagueness in the documentation about how references really work (I  
think that they're actually aliases - but that's cargo culted) is the  
only thing I really bang my head against.

Java's good fun for a C-like language, C# looks nice but I don't know  

JavaScript is a treat. Lovely. Irritating in places but different  
from most other mainstream languages in all sorts of subtle and  
clever ways.

In other language news Objective C is sooooo much nicer than C++. To  
the extent that ObjC is actually fun to use.

Andy Armstrong,

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