Tube Strike (Was: [ANNOUNCE] [SOCIAL] Social at Dirty Dicks, Thursday 6th September)

Peter Corlett abuse at
Mon Sep 3 00:16:38 BST 2007

On 2 Sep 2007, at 23:23, Smylers wrote:
> It's a 3-day strike, so scheduled to start on Monday.  My concern  
> wasn't
> just about the Perl Mongers meeting -- I, and I presume others, also
> have travelling to do in London before Thursday!

Well, given that the Tube is constantly in near-meltdown due to  
jumpers, leaves on the line, faulty signals, driver shortages,  
shutdowns for engineering work, or just because they plain can't be  
arsed, it's fairly likely that the strike-ridden service will be  
indistinguishable from normal service.

Also remember that London is a pretty compact place and everywhere  
useful is within walking distance. This is after all how people got  
round the place 150 years ago. For a lot of journeys within Zone 1  
there's not a lot in it between walking or taking the Tube anyway.

There are also buses or National Rail services, of course. The basic  
difference between these and a veal crate is that it is possible to  
move slightly in a veal crate.

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