Tube Strike (Was: [ANNOUNCE] [SOCIAL] Social at Dirty Dicks, Thursday 6th September) ti at
Mon Sep 3 13:57:50 BST 2007

> Smylers wrote:
> Quote:
> 	"... The Jubilee, Northern and Piccadilly lines are scheduled to
> run as normal. We anticipate that they will be very crowded. No other
> lines are likely to be running."
> Can anyone explain why the these three are singled out for special
> attention?

They're maintained by Tube Lines, rather than Metronet.

Related note: TfL keep referring to "sub-surface lines". This, I believe,
means the lines which are just below the surface, rather than in deep
tubes, which is to say: circle, district, hammersmith & city,
metropolitan, and east london lines.

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