Tube Strike (Was: [ANNOUNCE] [SOCIAL] Social at Dirty Dicks, Thursday 6th September)

IvorW combobulus at
Tue Sep 4 15:38:57 BST 2007

Simon Cozens wrote:
> Knowing this:
>>> Oh yes, and that reminds me. She also mentioned that changing "normal
>>> service" to "good service" lead to a drop in the level of complaints
>>> about service levels.
>> Indeed. That's what's technically known as a reframe.
> I see absolutely no reason why someone would trust this:
>> NLP Master Practioner course
> Are you sure it's not just a "normal practitioner" course that's been
> reframed?
There are multiple levels of courses. I have already completed the
Practitioner course, with the same person as is running the Master
Practitioner course later this month.
> Still, you know, I guess some people are into Scientology, which is
> basically the same message but mildly less annoying than the NLP
> freaks...

I don't know too much about the "message" of scientology. The underhand
recruiting and marketing methods have, over a long period of time, have
put me off ever going there.

To tarnish the world of NLP with the same brush is a tad unfair.
Although some unscrupulous fellows may be peddling their brand of NLP as
a cult religion, this is not in my opinion generally the case.

Using NLP to sort my life out is working for me. Your mileage may vary.
I'm not seeking to convert anybody - it doesn't work like that for me.


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