Why Perl needs a VM

Jesse Vincent jesse at fsck.com
Tue Sep 4 19:42:18 BST 2007

>> You mention below that you are thinking of re-writing parts of the  
>> app
>> in Java, because of the slow Pure-Perl performance.. can you instead
>> just swap to using a Perl module that evaluates the XPaths via a C
>> implementation, thus gaining the speed advantage over Java again, as
>> with the regexes?
>> (I think XML::LibXML::XPathContext is an example of such?)
> I've had a poke at the code and sure enough, we're using  
> XPathContext, which
> I'd thought was a pure perl piece on top of XML::LibXML. It isn't -  
> it's got
> a C implementation at its heart.
> The Java implementation is still substantially quicker. I want to  
> drill in
> on the numbers, and the Java libs are probably proprietary, so I  
> may not be
> able to post any numbers, but I am now pretty convinced that the  
> "Java, therefore
> slow" mantra really isn't true any more, at least in this application.
Nope. If you want to make fun of another language for being slower  
than Perl, Ruby is the recommended target. But I can easily believe  
that a commercial, optimized parsing engine is going to be faster  
than XML::LibXML   I'm not sure I saw earlier if you said that you or  
your -orkers had spent time with Devel::DProf looking at what's  
making your perl code slow.  Rewriting slow code with an eye toward  
improved performance is going to be faster...even if you write it in  
Ruby ;)


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