Generating a Storable file from C (was: Why Perl needs a VM)

Andy Armstrong andy at
Thu Sep 6 10:11:47 BST 2007

On 6 Sep 2007, at 09:06, Andy Wardley wrote:
> So I got to wondering if my C program could generate a Storable  
> file that could be thawed quickly into Perl.  Glancing through  
> Storable.xs it looks like it should be fairly straightforward.  And  
> because it's data only, it neatly side-steps the problem of  
> evaluating executable code from untrusted sources.
> Has anyone done anything similar, or can suggest an alternative  
> approach?  Is there a formal description of the Storable format  
> anywhere, or does the Open Source Jedi Mantra[*] apply?

You need BYAML! The world needs BYAML! Unfortunately as far as I know  
it doesn't exist yet.

(a cross platform, cross language, well defined binary serialisation  

Andy Armstrong,

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