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On Tue, Sep 04, 2007 at 05:55:58PM +0000, Chris Jack wrote:

> It is also easy to find critiques of NLP that point to the lack of scientific evidence for such stuff as, say, looking up and to the right means you've gone into "visual" mode and so on.
> But none of that means NLP isn't valuable and hasn't helped a lot of people.

There's real evidence of this?

Trouble is, there's plenty of "evidence" for homeopathy and prayer
helping a lot of people.  None of it has yet stood up to real scrutiny.
Has NLP been examined sufficiently rigourously to tell if it really does
work and that (eg) whatever improvement they've seen isn't merely a

I imagine that designing such an experiment would be tricky to say the
least :-)

Anyway, in the absence of any such evidence, I'll just carry on assuming
that it's well-meaning waffle like all the self-help books you see
people reading on the train, and that at worst it's just voluntarily
relieving people of their money much like that silly philosophy course
that's been advertising on the tube for the past fifteen years.

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