Pointless Studies (Was: NLP)

Smylers Smylers at stripey.com
Fri Sep 7 00:50:20 BST 2007

Paul Makepeace writes:

> Classic NLP treatments like phobia cures, internal conflict
> resolution, and so on are so commonplace in therapy your question in
> the context of actual research and fact checking is more like "but
> does vinegar really affect the taste of fish & chips?" or "can I get
> drunk from drinking beer?" It's so blatantly self-evident as to be
> absurd.

You might think those sorts of things don't require any research.  But
BBC radio this morning managed to squeeze in reports of all these
'findings' into an update less than a minute wrong:

* Artificial additives can cause hyperactivity in children.

* Teenagers who binge drink are more likely to face social problems in
  later life.

* Youngsters who consume a lot of alcohol are at a higher risk of
  becoming involved with crime or drugs.

Who knew?



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