Poker wiggly at
Sat Sep 8 15:51:19 BST 2007

Chris Jack wrote:
>> Hmmm, anyone up for a London pm Texas Hold em night ? No money on
>> the tables but we could do a small entry fee, winner takes all
>> thing if  people wanted ?
> I'd be game for a game - but there would have to be money on the
> table. If you've ever played the "for fun" tables on line, you'll
> understand precisely the reason why. The money ain't the point nearly
> so much as the people just ain't playing poker.

I'd be up for a game, but not without cash. For exactly the same reason
as Chris. With no money people are quite happy to go all in with fuck
all and turn it into a lottery. I don't play the lottery, it's no fun.

On the other hand, even if you're only putting a fiver in with 8 or so
people that's still quite a nice amount of money to focus the mind.

The other option is a cash game. Good in so far as people cannot be 
knocked out completely (i.e. watch everyone else play for four hours 
after they've been knocked out) but most people want to play tourneys 
since that's what they see on TV. Plus tourneys do ultimately limit your 
losses without you having to have any willpower.

If you want some suggestions of starting chips/blind structures/winning
split I'd be happy to shove my two penneth in.


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