Dirk Koopman djk at
Thu Sep 13 17:29:15 BST 2007

Been reading the discussion on NLP in an increasing state of 
bewilderment. This is because about 20 years ago, I did a week's course 
in NLP aimed at martial "artists". My problem is that I recognise very 
little of what we learnt on that course in the discussion on NLP so far.

Basically, we looked at the nature of body language, how to interpret 
it, either use it to our "advantage" or, maybe, manipulate the other 
person "feelings" (usually closely followed by actions) by using our 
body and voice to obtain the outcome we desired. Preferably without 
(even threatening) clobbering them.

The chap doing the teaching (and I wish I could remember his name) was 
selling NLP to corporates as means of improving their sales persons' 
performance by understanding and using the cues given by their marks. 
Judging by his house and car(s) he was doing very well by this.

Most of us were cynical sho/ni/san dans that had been thrown around by 
experts and we (largely) all found it at least informative and some even 
useful. Even our *really* cynical leader (Andy Hathaway) found it 


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