Perl Obfuscator

Simon Wistow simon at
Wed Sep 19 16:57:18 BST 2007

On Wed, Sep 19, 2007 at 05:12:35PM +0200, Rafael Garcia-Suarez said:
> Given the dynamic nature of Perl, and the games you can play with
> symbol tables / AUTOLOAD / aliases, it would be hard to write an
> obsfucator that changes subroutine names or class names while still
> producing a correct program. Hard, as in Turing problem hard :)

Hmm, could you then produce an obfuscator that did evil things with PPI 
and B::Deparse couple with autoload, aliases and string evals that would 
be damned near impossible to untangle.

Where 'damned near' is defined as 'near enough' so that you're happy.

As previously mentioned you can decompile anything (C, C++[*], Java) yet 
noone does it for something like Office.

In a tea induced trance like state this morning, my enitre body 
virbrating in a sympathetic brownian motion inspired state, I had a 

It was of a class room with several young children in. At the front 
stands a monkey. 

One of the children asked a question - "Why is the sky blue? Is it 
because it reflects the water?"

Instead of explaining about wavelengths and how only blue gets through 
and the water infact reflects the sky the techer monkey jumped up on the 
desk and started screeching and howling and flinging poop at the child.

"OMFG! N0000000000000000000000000000b! Go RTFM you n00by mcn00berson!"

and then some of the other children joined in and slowly their hair 
started getting longer. And then their arms. In general they all looked, 
well, how to put this, more simian. 

There was a horse in the corner. Even though it was dead some of the 
monkeys just kept flogging it.

Then I noticed that they were all wearing tshirts with camels on them.

Then I shot them and made a monkey barbqueue. It was tasty.

True story.


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