Announce: London Perl Workshop 2007

Greg McCarroll greg at
Fri Sep 28 23:01:44 BST 2007

This is an early announcement. With just the facts that we know so far, I have
not listed the facts I don't know or the facts I don't yet know I don't know.

With this in mind.

	When:	1/12/2007	9:30-4.30 ish

	Where:	Westminster University (or is that UoW), CS Department (Thanks!)

	What:	Perl talks, some talks hopefully about other scripting languages
		or technologies so we all get a little more brain food.

		I'm going to try and push heavily for lots of lightning talks,
		cos I like them and so do others. I'd also encourage people
		who have not spoken before to consider doing such a talk, but
		please look up the many fine pieces of advice (someone please
		reply with links) or ask for help so you get the best possible
		response and the punters get good knowledge/entertainment.

		If there is something practical that you reckon would compete
	        with a large slot of lightning talks please suggest it - e.g.
		a series of catalyst talks or whatever.

		I'm looking to find someway to give something back to the Univ.
		as they have been great supporters of these events, more on this

	Price:	0 (but signup will be required - if you are intending to fly in,
	        i'm willing to cheat for you if you send me a private message _before_
	        i get the signup working as numbers will be limited)

We'll do the web page, call for talks, etc. etc. soon. Please, please,  be patient.
Also don't be offended if I ignore suggestions for features until we have speakers
and attendees.


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