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Andrew Beattie andrew at tug.com
Sat Sep 29 07:14:21 BST 2007

Peter Corlett wrote:
> It's a talent, which I have nicknamed "beerdar", one I seem to have 
> got fairly good at.
> Generally, you can sense whether a pub is any good by the outside.
I believe that landlords and breweries also understand and study this 
talent and deliberately design the pub to attract the type of client 
that they want to serve.

A "Family friendly" pub will have garden swings (or more likely some 
colourful fiberglass monstrocity) visible from the road, which will 
attract parents (because it will help keep the kids amused) and deter 
those of us who would rather get away from the screaming brats.

A "Smoker friendly" pub will have awnings, canopies and radient heaters 
to attract smokers and deter non-smokers.

The signs for Sky, Karaoke and Quiz attract people looking for 
entertainment to be delivered to them, which you and I interpret as a 
warning of the same thing.

Peace and tranquility is a little more subtle - the absence of the 
above, often coupled with a manicured garden and lots of flowers and a 
less convenient location.

I think that customrs tend to be quite polarised.  There is money to be 
made from everybody, but it helps to keep them seperate from each other.


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