Announce: London Perl Workshop 2007

Ash Berlin ash_cpan at
Sun Sep 30 22:43:58 BST 2007

asmith9983 at wrote:
> Hi Greg
> Is there a charge  ?
> All my Perl, which is self taught could probably benefit from a  
> workshop.
> On related talks, maybe some coverage of things like VIM, and UML, or 
> documentation tools connected with Perl system building might be 
> useful for others.
> I'll keep monitoring the list for details. I'm in 
> Edinburgh,essentially self employed, so will take adavantake of the 
> early booking of train and hotels to keep costs low.
    Price:    0 (but signup will be required - if you are intending to 
fly in,
            i'm willing to cheat for you if you send me a private 
message _before_
            i get the signup working as numbers will be limited)

0. Nada. zilch. nothing. No :)

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