:MM custom Makefile actions

Randy J. Ray rjray at blackperl.com
Mon Oct 1 21:31:09 BST 2007

>> WriteMakefile (
>> 	...
>> 	clean => { FILES => [qw(created.1 created.2)] },
>> 	realclean => { FILES => [qw(created.3 created.4)] },
>> }
> Fabulous! thankyou.

Note that the "realclean" target doesn't need the same list of files as the 
"clean" target. It executes the "clean" target itself, before doing the 
additional cleaning. So if you just have the one set of files, you'll only need 
"clean". (I frequently use the "clean" parameter in my modules, but I've never 
needed the "realclean" one.)

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