Devel::CheckOS - please test me!

David Cantrell david at
Mon Oct 1 22:56:10 BST 2007

On Mon, Oct 01, 2007 at 10:29:27AM +0100, Peter Corlett wrote:
> On Sun, Sep 30, 2007 at 04:50:52PM +0100, David Cantrell wrote:
> > And if anyone knows how to reliably tell the difference between OpenDarwin
> > and OS X, do please let me know.
> TTBOMK, the WindowServer is propietary so you'll only see that on OS X and
> not Darwin.

Good one.  That's /System/Library/Frameworks/ApplicationServices.framework/Frameworks/CoreGraphics.framework/Resources/WindowServer
on this 'ere 10.4.latest box.  Is it safe to assume that that's where it
lives on *all* OS Xes?

Alternatively, I could just assume that no-one uses OpenDarwin, given
that the project died from lack of interest.

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