Perl Apprentice

Lyle - perl at
Fri Oct 5 14:32:23 BST 2007

  What I love about apprenticeships is that officially you do not have 
to pay apprentices minimum wage...
  Now the problem is that I want to train up a Perl apprentice. Without 
any official government recognised course to send them on I'd have to 
pay them minimum wage, which would prove rather costly while I get them 
up to speed..
  So my thinking now is to offer 1 lucky person free programming 
tuition, I'll teach them as I would have before, get them to do sample 
projects (scripts I need updating :)) and give them some sort of 
certificate I made up at the end (BrainBench and eLearners have done 
it... Why not me). Considering companies are charging ££££ for this kind 
of group tuition, let alone one on one, I think this is a pretty good 
deal for whoever goes for it. If it goes well, I'll have a go at 
charging for a second candidate.
  Pretty much the same situation as me taking on an apprentice, but this 
time I don't have to pay them and it's totally legit. At the end of it 
I'll have someones who's useful who'll be viable to pay..

So here's my real problem... Where do I find a candidate near me? Are 
there good websites where I could list this? Having never offered 
anything like this before I don't know where to start.

I'm in Bristol...

Your thoughts and suggestions are welcome.


P.S. I will use Learning Perl as the course text book, skipping bit's I 
don't feel necessary and then adding bits like basic DBI, CGI, etc.

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