Brown trousers time :~

Simon Wilcox essuu at
Mon Oct 8 11:43:48 BST 2007

Jonathan Stowe wrote:

> Well of course Apache runs fine on windows, so the answer is, er,
> mod_perl.  

Unless you're thinking of using Apache 1.3.x in which case mod_perl is a 
single threaded blocking process and does not scale AT ALL.

Apache2 with mod_perl2 may (should) be better in these respect as 
there's a multi-threaded worker in apache2 but I gave up mod_perl on 
Windows ages ago so I no longer track what it can do.

FastCGI is another option and should work just as well on Windows as on 

Having said that, if the OP expects 10,000's of connections per second 
then he's looking at some fairly serious traffic and dedicated hosting 
on linux is probably the way to go anyway.


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