Brown trousers time :~

Lyle - perl at
Tue Oct 9 03:51:18 BST 2007

Jonathan Rockway wrote:
> I've worked on an app that needed to track thousands (sometimes) of
> clicks a second.  We had ten separate instances of our app hitting ten
> separate (mysql) databases so things would scale easily.  When we had
> spare database system cycles, we would offload the data from the mysql
> systems into our reporting application's database.  The advantage here
> was that slow reports wouldn't prevent data from being recorded, and
> that we could scale linearly if we had more click traffic.  Of course,
> at some point there's going to be a bottleneck where the reporting
> system can't accept data fast enough, but we never hit that*.  It was
> all about reliability and handing peak loads.
> (* If worst came to worst, we could just put 10 more machines online,
> shut down the machines with last month's data, query the data to
> generate invoices, and then put those machines back online.  We never
> had to do that though.)
This makes sense. Space is very cheap these days. Thanks for the input :)


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