Brown trousers time :~

Gareth Harper gareth at
Tue Oct 9 16:12:05 BST 2007

Lyle - wrote:

> I'm currently thinking that for the Enterprise version have a separate 
> web server with FastCGI to handle all the clicks and nothing else. 
> Recording the data raw to a database (this means I don't need to do a 
> read before the write), then periodically taking this data and 
> sorting/compressing it into another database. That way it could make 
> it easier to have several machines with independent web servers and 
> databases if needed in the future.
> Potentially C++ and FastCGI for the clicks, can't see anything being 
> faster than that! Not sure how hard it would be to code though. 
> Haven't done any c++ for years.

Premature optimisation being the root of all evil, write it first, in 
whatever language you wish as a prototype which you plan on throwing 
away, profile it, find out where it's not fast enough, then concentrate 
on those parts.

> Also I'm figuring rather than opening/writing/closing a database 
> connection for each click, there is a way of keeping the connection 
> open so all I need do is write? Can this be easily done with Perl? Are 
> there any drawbacks to doing this?
Apparently both mod_perl and fastcgi can deal this comfortably (I tend 
to use mod_perl, but our ruby applications here use fastcgi and I'm told 
that it does the same) , I've written several database intensive 
applications which handle hundreds of transactions per second (multiple 
inserts, updates and selects per transaction).  I've also co-written a C 
apache module, and believe me writing that in perl first made the whole 
process a lot easier in understanding how things were going to work 
(perl version was fast enough, simply used too much memory).

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