A three part think

Simon Wistow simon at thegestalt.org
Fri Oct 12 20:29:31 BST 2007

On Fri, Oct 12, 2007 at 02:46:11PM -0400, Jesse Vincent said:
> This has been done for Phalanx, no? Andy Petdance should have a reasonable 
> rough number and way to get this metric.


Preemptive laziness++

> 1337 dists of 13829 appear to have 4052 files containing 1787122 lines of 
> XS ending in .xs by my count. Of course, 10% of that (177356 lines) is 
> P5NCI.xs. And another 171594 lines are in Graphics-VTK.

Wow. That's way more dists than I would have thought. 

I wonder how many of those are optional (as in, have Pure perl 

Still, it's nice to know that ~20% of those lines of code are in one 

> I'd recommend talking to Tatsuhiko about his cpan codesearch tool.

How handy, he's sitting about 20 meters away from me :)

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